Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Dream of Libraries...

As the resident of a teeny apartment, I daydream a lot about having a house/larger space to decorate. And most of the decorating dreams revolve around my library. You know the type... floor to ceiling bookshelves, ladders on wheels to get around the stacks (for some reason I've coveted these since I was a kid), lots of natural light and leather club chairs perfect for lounging. My book collection has overflowed from shelves into a drawer under my bed, but I'd love to have enough room to prominently display them all. Enjoy these gorgeous photos of bookshelves from Lonny mag, one of my favorite decorating magazines (, online and totally free!).

Oct/Nov 2010
So gorgeous! I love all the light and how they've arranged the shelves.

Apr/May 2010
Don't you just want to curl up here with a great book?

Jun/Jul 2010
I love how this is a cool mix of books and knickknacks.

What would be a requirement in your dream library?

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  1. Beautiful photos! I've always been partial to the library from Beauty & the Beast :D