Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review: Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz

One of the coolest things about modern technology is how blogs and websites have made authors so accessible and allowed for a vibrant community of readers (it seems even more so in the inspirational market). I actually had read Laura Frantz's blog before reading any of her books, and it was her warm writing style and rave reviews on other blogs that made me pick up Courting Morrow Little. For the most part I wasn't disappointed. The hero and heroine are appealing characters, and Frantz's description of frontier life was both detailed and realistic. I read part of Courting Morrow Little during a lull at work and found myself so transported to the Kentucky wilderness I was startled when my co-worker asked me a question. To me that's definitely the mark of good writing!

I also enjoyed how the characters struggled and came to terms with their faith and the extremely difficult task of forgiveness. On the negative side, Morrow's settlement friends Jemima and Lizzy had very little depth to them, and I wondered why on earth Morrow had ever been friends with Jemima when her description and behavior lacked anything positive. I wish Frantz had gone deeper with some of the character development in the book, but overall I found Courting Morrow Little entertaining and engaging.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. The description and romantic elements were excellent, and a few character development issues didn't what was overall a transporting read.
source: library copy
Favorite PASTtimes review
Laura Frantz's blog

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