Thursday, January 13, 2011

My New Guilty Pleasure

 I feel slightly ashamed to be a 23-year-old watching a show on Nickelodeon, but I am hooked on their new series House of Anubis after catching the first episode while flipping channels one day. Set in a British boarding school, the show centers on Nina (Nathalia Ramos), an American who arrives at Anubis House the same day the popular Joy mysteriously leaves--or is taken. The other students living there are suspicious of Nina's coincidental timing and treat her like an outcast, except for Fabian (Brad Kavanagh), and her new roommate Patricia (Jade Ramsey) is determined to investigate Joy's disappearance. Throw in a mysterious Egyptian locket given to Nina by an old woman with a connection to the house, secrets hidden in the attic and teachers who are covering up dark secrets and you get a thoroughly entertaining show that is fun to watch (even if you're not a teenager!)

Nina (Nathalia Ramos)
From L-R: Mara, Alfie, Jerome, Patricia, Nina, Fabian, Amber, Mick and Joy
Fabian (Brad Kavanagh)

You can watch all the episodes of House of Anubis here

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  1. Wow this sounds like fun! Thanks for the heads up!